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01. What

What is Rigoblock?

Rigoblock exists to reinvent the asset management industry making it accessible to everyone, enabling full transparency and empowering rigorous meritocracy.

We aim to create a new generation of traders and a new level of asset management system. Simple, transparent, meritocratic and democratic.

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02. Why

The future of value

With the emergence of token-based markets,
it is pivotal to create, organize and maximize new forms of value, through efficient, effective and transparent asset management protocols.  
Rigoblock reinvents the way of capturing, developing and managing the new tokenized assets making it accessible to everyone.

03. Protocol

Infrastructure for decentralized
asset management

Rigoblock is a blockchain protocol that makes it possible for anyone to set up and run a decentralized token pool. The software is modular and abstract so that any developer can personalize it, building their own applications.

The Rigoblock platform is built on top of the protocol.

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04. Proof of performance

Fair for all

Traditional asset management is based on fees – management fees and performance fees. Rigoblock rewrites the rules, putting the network in charge.

Proof-of-Performance is an algorithm that rewards operators based on the assets and the performance of the pools they are running. Pools operators are rewarded in GRG tokens, an ERC-20 compliant token native to the Rigoblock protocol.

05. Roadmap


February 2016
November 2016
May 2017
Q1 2018
Launch of
our Vaults
Q3 2018
Connect External
Liquidity Providers
Q4 2018
GRG Token
Public Sale

06. Principles

Our community's
core values

  • Reliability

    We have created a bullet-proof pooled tokens management system.

  • Accessibility

    We lower the barriers to entry into asset management.

  • Transparency

    We provide a completely decentralized framework.

  • Passion

    We encourage passion and talent in trading.

  • Meritocracy

    We offer an effective reward mechanism instead of traditional fees.

  • Integrity

    We stick to our commitments and always act coherently.

07. Partners

A growing ecosystem


Building with

01. Scope

Helping to organize tokens

Blockchains are being recognized as a more secure and efficient way of transferring value. With the emergence of a token based economy, it is critical to build standards for organizing value in the form of tokens.

We have seen networks, marketplaces and standards for exchanging value. Yet no viable protocol for organizing value exists.

02. GRG token

The asset management token

The GRG token is at the basis of the incentives of the RigoBlock network. 10,000,000 GRGs are initially created. 3,000,000 GRGs are distributed during a public contribution period. Participants to the token sale are subject to KYC/AML checks.

03. GRG utility

The use of the GRG token

The GRG token is an utility token, compliant with Swiss regulatory requirements. The GRG token serves the 3 following purposes: access, incentives and governance.

04. Access

GRG as the access token

Users looking to access the portal are required to hold 1 GRG token. This limits the access of malicious actors to the portal and is a safeguard measure for the users.

05. Incentives

GRG as the basis
of the incentives mechanism

The Proof-of-Performance algorithm automatically rewards the pools operators. In order to qualify for the reward, each pool operator must hold a dynamic minimum amount of GRG tokens.

06. Governance

GRG as the basis
for optimal governance

The parameters of the Proof-of-Performance algorithm, which determine the resulting overall inflation, are set by the token holders. The rationale is based on game theory: token holders have an incentive to set the parameters to 0, in order to create 0 inflation. Since the algorithm provides continuous incentives for further development of the ecosystem, however, the GRG token holders have the incentive to set the minimum parameters which allows for optimal network operations.

07. Bluepaper

Read more in the Bluepaper

You can read more in the RigoBlock Bluepaper.

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