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RigoBlock Creates Blockchain Software for Trading

RigoBlock Vision

Our purpose is to democratize access to hedge fund management for young talents.

RigoBlock is the innovative platform for creating Trading Funds (Dragos). You can create Dragos from our UI or interact with our Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. RigoBlock provides the first fully decentalized and serverless structure of investment funds. It allows creation of funds in real time at minimum cost.

RigoBlock Dapp


Users can pool their Ether with Dragos created on RigoBlock. Dragos creators can trade on decentralized exchanges.


Gabcoin allows for safe online Ether storage and pooling. Gabcoins are pre-set to interact with Casper, the bleeding-edge Ethereum mining algotrithm.


RigoBlock comes with a built-in cryptoswaps exchange.

Fund Standards

RigoBlock is built on a complex structure of Smart Contracts following Conditioned Oriented Programming.

Full Decentralization

RigoBlock is fully decentralized and built on the Ethereum blockchain. Read our latest articles.

High Speed and Low Cost

RigoBlock is the first fully decentalized structure of investment funds. It allows ultra fast creation of funds in real time at minimum cost.

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