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RigoBlock Creates Blockchain Software for Trading

RigoBlock Vision

We believe Blockchain technology will be at the backbone of modern financial markets infrastructure.

RigoBlock Mission

Our purpose is to organize pools of digital tokens, democratizing access to the hedge fund club for everyone.

RigoBlock Decentralized Applications


Create a Drago, your own decentralized hedge fund! Dragos can trade on decentralized exchanges and allow for instant management of subscriptions and redemptions from the crowd.


RigoBlock comes with a built-in decentralized exchange for leveraged derivatives trading. External liquidity providers can create their own darkpool on top of our exchange.

Complete Decentralization

RigoBlock is fully decentralized and built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Read our latest articles.

High Speed and Low Cost

RigoBlock is the first and most comprehensive structure of decentralized pools of funds. It allows ultra fast creation of funds at zero cost. Currently in alpha on the Kovan testnet, worldwide accessible from within the Parity UI.


Create a Gabcoin, your own trustless custodian: organize your Family&Friends' Ether holdings. Gabcoins are pre-set to allow for pooled Proof-of-Stake mining with Casper, the new frontier in crypto mining.


We've created the first global registry for decentralized hedge funds. External asset managers can use the RigoBlock Registry and create their own decentralized hedge fund platform on top of RigoBlock.

Fund Standards

RigoBlock is built on top of our Smart Contracts Engine created following Conditioned Oriented Programming.

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Our team

Gabriele Rigo

Founder and CTO

Serial Entrepreneur. Previously Treasurer @1BN$+ Global Macro Hedge Fund and Head of Investment @25BN$+ Asset Management Company. Creator of one of the first quant behavioural finance trading algorithms in 2007. Original coder of the Decentralized Hedge Fund built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Hanna Keskin

Intern, Marketing and PR

Final Year Student at University of Applied Sciences Lugano, thesis project "Accounting of Blockchain Startups". Three-year work experience at Palo Alto SA. Telephone bidder at philatelic auction Spink Switzerland. PR ACE Swiss, non-profit students' events organization. Fluently speaks 5 languages!


Marketing, UX/UI (React), Solidity

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of a team building the technology bank, where financial and programming skills go hand-in-hand? If you share our vision that Blockchain technology will be at the basis of the financial sector of tomorrow, give us a shout! We are looking for you!

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